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Greetings, thou who thought all had been discovered! You are about to enter the mysterious world of quantum mechanics.

Here you will find pages bursting their orbitals with scintillating info about cutting edge quantum technologies and the strange concepts and puzzling paradoxes of quantum mechanics.

external image gif-pict-beaver-4.gifQuantum Tunneling and Laundry Detergent

EPR Paradox

Lasers (Jesse, Brendan, Javaun)external image laser-show.jpg

Lasers (KC and Taylor)

external image small_heart_only.gifString Theoryexternal image string_theory_for_web_3.jpg

Many Worlds Hypothesis

Quantum Tunneling

MWH Theory (Prayush Singh and Johnny Page)

Quantum Computers

Flash Memory

MWH (Erin and Rosie)

external image 180px-Calabi-Yau.pngString Theory 2 (David Olson and James Kloss)external image 180px-Calabi-Yau.png

Quantum Tunneling 2 (Pat, Adam, Alek)

external image laser-025.jpgLASERS (Eric, Sabiha and Beth)

(Haakon and Mariana)

Flash Memory (Ali and Ashley)

MWH (Christian, Casey, Joe)

external image iStock_000007205589XSmall.jpg MWH (Ryan, David, John) external image many-world-theory.gif

LEDs (Jen, Rachel, Stephanie)

A video from MIT Professor Walter Lewin on Quantum Mechanics: